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Montel Inc

Established in 1924, Montel pioneered high density mobile storage systems in North America providing cost-efficient storage solutions using less space.


Contact Info
225 - 4th Avenue, P.O. Box 130
Montmagny, QC
G5V 3S5
Phone: (800) 935-0235 ext230
Fax: (418) 248-7266


Products & Services Info

Pioneers in the industry of mobile shelving units, Montel has the largest portfolio of storage shelving products for fixed and high-density mobile storage systems. Archives shelving for storage of archival boxes, media shelving for storage of magnetic tapes and film cans, Montel's high density shelving systems are renowned to be the smoothest and safest systems in the industry.


Montel offers you modular shelving, mobile shelving, expandable, portable and economical mobile storage and filing shelving system solutions. Designed to be configured and reconfigured easily and efficiently, these movable shelving storage systems and high density filing systems can be adapted to your specific needs. Montel products are ideal for storing colour- coded files, suspended folders, data materials, books, stationery supplies and many other materials.


Master the Fine Art of Storage at Your Institution with Montel’s High-Density Systems Providing Safe, Smooth Shelving for Diverse Artifacts. At museums, galleries and other exhibition facilities, the art works and artifacts displayed to visitors don’t tell the whole story. Behind the objects on walls and in cases there lies a great deal of work by curators and other staff. These individuals must manage many different administrative details in order to create dynamic, informative, educational spaces.


Montel offers 3 different shelving lines: cantilever, 4-post and ""cabinet style"".... thus providing maximum flexibility. Montel new 4-post hybrid shelving system called SmartShelf is unique and offers unlimited possibilities.


Optimize Storage of All Your Library Materials with Montel’s High-Density Shelving Solutions That Generate Cost Savings by Saving Space. The popular image of a library is of a quiet, peaceful place with books neatly arranged on stacks. It all seems simple—but at Montel, we know the truth is different. Library administration is a dynamic process involving the management of constantly expanding collections while providing user services and meeting budgets. That’s why, through decades of library shelving experience, we have developed innovative solutions to optimize your capacity and make your work easier.


The QuadraMobile SpaceFront storage system from Montel is the solution to your daily active material storage problems. Designed to solve your storage problems while ensuring operating efficiency, the QuadraMobile SpaceFront system is perfect for storing medication, automobile parts or various documents, among many other items.


WIRED® Powered Mobile Storage System: Harness the Latest Technology to Monitor and Operate Your Storage Space with Montel’s Next-Generation, High-Density Powered Mobile Shelving System. Bring your shelving into the 21st century with WIRED®. This high-density electrical movable storage system incorporates innovative technology to monitor, protect and operate your powered shelving. At the same time, it also gives you all the remarkable advantages of Montel’s signature Mobilex® carriage and can be combined with various shelving products.


SafeAisle® Powered Mobile Storage System: Prioritize Safety While Boosting Your Storage Capacity with Montel’s High-Density Powered Mobile System Featuring LED Guard Technology™. With high-density powered mobile storage systems, getting the most out of your space is a key consideration—but guaranteeing safety is also a must. SafeAisle® will put your mind at ease on both counts. Its LED Guard Technology™ and other measures are aimed at providing the utmost in storage security.


Montel’s QuadraMobile system is a high-density storage solution that will increase the storage and filing capacity for all types of items such as office supplies, personal effects, objects, boxes, etc.


Mobilex® Mechanical Storage System: Optimize and Customize Your Storage Space with Montel’s Flexible, High-Density Movable Shelving System.  Every organization has unique storage needs that evolve over time—and they need storage systems that can keep up with them. With Mobilex®, you can be sure your system can handle whatever you’ve got. Available with both mechanical and electrical mechanisms, Montel’s signature high-density movable storage system gives you the flexibility to customize your shelving while optimizing your capacity.


Designed to be the most adaptable storage shelving system in the industry, the SmartShelf™ can be configured and reconfigured at any time to satisfy changing storage needs and space availability, enabling the possibility to anticipate potential storage needs. For storing objects of various heights, shelves are adjustable by 1” increments with hooks for lighter objects, or by 1 ½” increments with supports for heavier objects. In the same section, hooks and supports can be used together.


Police Storage Lockers - Made of welded steel, the Montel police storage lockers are resistant, functional and multipurpose. Our standard police lockers have two doors, but are also available in single door, according to required width. This type of locker is only custom made in order to better meet the very specific needs and  requirements of the police force. The layout possibilities are unlimited and specially-adapted accessories are here to serve you.


For those who want to control access to files or other materials, no system is simpler than Montel’s Quadral. This lateral adjustment shelving system is designed to let you add regular or folding doors that can easily transform your shelves into a closed, secure cabinet. The Quadral can be easily installed any environment where it is needed.


Are you looking for a file cabinet that offers greater flexibility? Are you thinking of a lateral file cabinet for extra storage space? What would you say about a file cabinet that offers even more? The multi-purpose cabinet is your solution.


Aetnastak® Cantilever Shelving: Address Your Current and Future Storage with Montel’s Compact Cantilever Library Shelving System. When it comes to storage, Aetnastak® is the reference. Libraries of all kinds have trusted their collections to this exceptional compact cantilever shelving system for over 50 years. Why? Because it can handle books from A to Z, whether in a public, corporate, medical or university library. And since libraries these days are about much more than books, it’s also perfectly capable of storing files, CDs, DVDs and other materials.


To avoid unfortunate or undesirable incidents, the storage of weapons and ammunition is an intelligent solution, not only for the individual but also for merchants, court buildings and all other organizations that use firearms (army, security companies, etc.).


The handling and conservation of rolls of textiles require flexible, large capacity storage systems. The cantilever shelving system from Montel is designed to store various lengths of rolls, maximize the use of available space and facilitate handling. Montel can also provide cabinets that recreate the microclimate needed for storing fragile items and valuable collections (ventilation slots, trays and windows on the doors).


ModulArt™ Freestanding Storage Panels System: Efficiently Store Paintings and Other Art Works in Compact Spaces with Montel’s Modular, Mobile Storage System on Wheels. With its compact, elegant design, the ModulArt™ system for storing paintings is practically a work of art itself. This modular, movable storage system on wheels has been developed to provide efficient, user-friendly racking of small collections of paintings and other art works in environments where storage space is at a premium.


Ceiling-Suspended and Floor-Mounted Pull-Out Storage Panels: Master the Fine Art of Painting Storage with Montel’s Mobile, Easy-Access System. Storing paintings and other valuable art works so that they are both secure and easy to access is a challenge faced by many museums and art galleries. Montel’s Pull-Out Storage Panels offer an elegant, practical solution to this problem. Drawing on our extensive knowledge and experience in the storage field, this mobile art rack system has been developed to optimize the use of your space while facilitating access to stored art works.


Mobile Storage Panels: Appreciate the Art of Efficient Storage with Montel’s Multi-Purpose Sliding-Rack System for Your Museum or Gallery. In order to manage your museum or gallery collections appropriately, you need to give careful thought to how you store all your valuable art works. They cannot simply be stacked on top of each other or placed on run-of-the-mill shelving. Besides the risk of damage, this is impossible from a practical perspective: paintings, wall hangings, masks and so on do not come in standardized formats like books or binders.





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